About Us

At Los Angeles Premier Water Polo Club, we strive to provide our members with a healthy water polo experience that will enable them to realize their potential both in the water and out.

Based at Harvard-Westlake School, we are an elite-level club with boys’ and girls’ teams in all age groups, with the facilities and resources to enable us to be on the forefront of water polo techniques, tactics, and teaching methodologies. Our focus is on the physical and mental development of our members, and everything we do – from training progressions to film sessions, injury-prevention techniques to club events – we do with that in mind.


How We Started

Premier was founded in 2012. With the beautiful, state-of-the-art Copses Family Pool having just been completed at Harvard-Westlake, Head Coach Brian Flacks saw an opportunity to create a new kind of club: a club that could give its members a more focused, consistent, and well-rounded water polo experience.


Our Training

With a centralized location, abundant pool space, and a collaborative team of coaches, Premier is able to combine the vertically-integrated, academy-style training methodologies of the best European clubs with the care and individual-attention of a high school program. We have a codified, multi-tiered training program for each level of development. This allows for all of our coaches to have consistent lessons and expectations, and for all of our players to have a logical, incremental progression of fundamentals and skills that enables success at each level of competition – 10-and-under through high school, and beyond.


Our Culture

Premier was not created to teach water polo techniques; it was created to establish a more complete water polo experience. The club is built around consistency: consistent coaches and teammates, consistent training locations and times, consistent skills and expectations. We want our members to feel unified. Our close ties with Harvard-Westlake only deepen that: consistent values and a more immersive educational (in and out of the water) experience are the hallmarks of our program. Just like the school, we strive for excellence, and in that consistency, in that immersion, our success lies.