WINTER 2018-2019 Registration

Registration for the WINTER 2018-2019 Session NOW open!


Thank you for choosing LA Premier Water Polo Club.


Premier Water Polo Club is using a REGISTRATION SYSTEM provided by Club Assistant.  All players (new and existing) using this system for the first time will need to register as a First-Time User. After you register the first time, you will be a Returning User.

When registering, please use the PLAYER’S name (not the parent’s name) as the member. The email address should be the parent’s email (or the person making payments).

Once a player completes the initial registration, you can sign-up for additional events, edit payment information, and edit contact information.

A few important notes for all athletes

  • All club athletes must have a current membership with USA Water Polo (USAWP) and must renew beginning November 1. (USAWP memberships expire on December 31.)
    You will have an opportunity to renew your USAWP membership through the registration process.
  • You will not be able to register with LA Premier Water Polo Club, without having a current USAWP membership.
  • The THREE options for USAWP membership are:

1.) Gold Athlete – recommended for all Competition Athletes

The “complete” athlete membership; eligible for all USAWP sanctioned activity, including club practices, sanctioned events, National    Championship Events and all Olympic Development programs.

2.) Silver Athlete – recommended only at the end of the year when joining the club if gold membership isn’t needed for upcoming tournaments.

The “amateur” athlete membership; eligible for club practices and sanctioned events.

3.) Trial Membership – For first-time athletes only.

Previous USAWP members are not eligible for this membership.
This is a one-time, 7-day membership that will activate the date the application form is sign.
**Please complete the online application.**
Please choose “Trial Athlete.”
Under the “Club” dropdown menu, please select “Los Angeles Premier (22230).”

10% Sibling Discount

LA Premier offers a 10% discount for siblings. The first player pays the full fee, then the subsequent sibling(s) will receive the 10% discount. The older player pays the full fee, the discount is taken on the younger sibling’s age group rate.
*Enter discount code: sibling.

Masters Water Polo – Free!

Scholarships are available – click here for scholarship form.

The LA Premier Water Polo Club Registration includes:

• Emergency Medical Authorization
• Release Agreement
• Acknowledgement and Consent Clauses

Refund Policy:  Club fees are 100% refundable for the first two weeks of a session but are not refundable after that point.  Tournament fees that have been paid for a tournament that has not yet occurred may be refunded if the coach can fill the spot with another qualified athlete.